All-new design.

We didn't think it was possible. That an iFaux with so much power, could be so thin and light. But it is. In fact, the iFaux 5 is the thinnest and lightest iFaux ever. It's the only iFaux ever.

Brilliant 'papertouch' display.

Extend your old, tiny iPhone display with the power of the iFaux 'papertouch' display. It's a larger, more beautiful canvas made the right way. Even though the display is bigger, iFaux 5 is the same width so its just as easy to use with one hand. Keep your other hand free for when you need it most.

So much less than before, and so much more too

A remarkably slim design that still makes room for a larger display. So much went into this iFaux. You could even burn it. For warmth.

The latest technology

The all-new microboard framework is as powerful as the trees it was made from. Performance and graphics are up to twice as fast as before. There is no before. Even with all that speed, iFaux 5 has infinite battery life. There's no battery life. There's no battery.

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